OUR Philosophy

Creativity, Inspiration, & Community

BellePAC offers more than your traditional dance studio. We offer music, acting workshops, and Performance Company to fully prepare our students for a future in performing arts. With the addition of our “triple threat” classes, where students learn a combination of acting, singing, and dance, our students leave fully prepared for any audition on the professional or collegiate level.


You will not find BellePAC students in a dance competition. We strongly believe in the value of a performing arts education, which includes modesty in dress code and costuming, a strong background in technique, and professional skills, such as resume building and injury prevention. Our faculty has more than 100 years of combined experience in the field, providing a diverse and comprehensive performing arts education.

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Our Story

BellePAC has been part of the Bellevue, Tennessee community for over 25 years.  Starting with only one small studio with a handful of students, we has grown tremendously over the years, inspiring our students to develop a love for the artform, a love for themselves and a love for sharing their passion with the community. 


Our teaching staff is highly trained, enabling them to execute an intentional class structure that includes a syllabus for each level taught at the studio.  This includes dance, musical theater, and music classes, the last two we were excited to introduce in the spring of 2021.


We look forward to continuing our story in our Bellevue community as we continue to inspire our performers to become their best selves. 

Trunk or Treat Photo from 2021 at BellePAC

Meet our Staff

Photo of Jennifer Kubik - Owner and Creative Director of BellePAC

Jennifer Kubik

Owner, Instructor,  and Creative Director

Picture or Melissa Becker - Instructor at BellePAC

Melissa Becker

Instructor – Musical Theater, Contemporary, Combo, & Company

Headshot of Rachel Parker-Shields

Rachel Parker-Shields

Instructor – Fundimentals, Contemporary, and Yoga