More than Just Another Dance Studio

Preparing our students for a future in performing arts through

Creativity, Inspiration, and Community



An Invaluable Gift

” I am taking the adult ballet class and it is an awesome, welcoming environment. I have no dance experience so it’s a great class for the absolute beginner and other (more experienced) ladies have said it’s a great class for them as well…  Mackenzie, adult student


“Bellepac is amazing! My daughter has absolutely loved the musical theater class and is looking forward to participating again in the fall!” Kristen, mother


A Confidence Booster

“These folks are fantastic! The owner is a wonderful human and every interaction we’ve had with the staff has been great. We have a child that takes ballet with a friend and they love it!”  Alan, parent


New Student Intro Program: 1 Week unlimited classes for only $19.99


Diamond Performance Company ladies posing in performance costumes

We’ve helped 1000s of Nashville Area students become better artists…and their best selves.

Dance is not only a great way to get in touch with your body, stay fit, and develop coordination…dance is a powerful tool for helping students learn discipline, determination, teamwork, and goal-setting. Mastering these skills builds the confidence to perform both on and off the floor. Read on to learn about the transformation just a few of our students have seen as a result of the programs at BellePAC and then click GET STARTED to begin your own journey.

Your Unique Potential Awaits

 Our mission is to help you come to better understand and develop the amazing potential that lies within you.  Take the first step, begin an intro program today.  


Positive Transformations

BellePAC was founded on the belief that positive movement communities have a special power to change lives.

Changing the Course

Obesity, isolation, and uncertainty are just a few of the real challenges youth and adults face today. Many are longing for the support of a positive community. 

Motivated by a passion for movement, the founders saw first-hand the ways dance, theater, and music helped to change the course for students – beginning with building healthy bodies as a foundation for learning to practice discipline, work with others, face challenges with grace, and take creative approaches to problem-solving…all with the support of like-minded developing artists and instructors.

Training Leaders

With a commitment to these founding principles, BellePAC has trained artists in Nashville to lead both in and out of the studio. Students grow from their first halting steps to learning to master their own movements and then sharing their experiences with the next generation. The focus, discipline, and creativity students practice every week in the studio go with them into their personal, academic, and professional lives bringing them success both on and off the floor.

Doing it with Joy

Part of the magic of teaching leadership through dance is the genuine satisfaction and joy students experience as they practice.  Students stay motivated and committed as they work with their instructors to become their very best selves.



It’s not about Trophies

We take care to avoid a focus on trophies, competitions, and waistlines which can create a competitive atmosphere of anxiety and poor body image where only a few students shine and others are left on the sidelines. 

We believe that excellence can be achieved by all students, regardless of age, body type, or natural ability. Our programs allow students to refine their talents while strengthening their weaknesses with opportunities to succeed and meaningfully contribute in diverse areas of the studio.


The Leadership Program

 We love dance. We love the way our practice builds creativity, keeps us engaged in life, and gives us the opportunity to share our passion with others. At BellePAC, we build on that love with a focus on developing those leadership skills that will allow our students to get the most out of their training at the studio, progress as quickly as possible, and be prepared to lead both in and out of the studio. Click below to learn more about the leadership curriculum.


Dance students stretching on stage before performance